Curiosity Quest Problem Solvers Winners

On March 31, the Oak Hills team of Kayla Pham, Sophia Garcia, Aleah Saunders , Siena Harwood, and Sophia Avila were announced as the winners of the Curiosity Quest Problem Solvers Challenge at the Innovators High Desert Water Summit at the Mojave Water Agency Headquarters.

In October 2021, teams from three schools in the Mojave Water District service area gathered at the Agency's Headquarters to hear a presentation from industry experts on domestic wells.
The problem was: Domestic well owners are not regulated for water quality under state or federal regulations. Your goal is to develop a system, management solution or series of standards that domestic well owners can use to ensure they are drinking safe and economically affordable water.  These teams were tasked with returning to present a solution to this problem in front of a panel of judges. Oak Hills High School won first place with a $3000 scholarship award. 

Congratulations to our team of amazing students that are on their way to be rockstar women in science: 
Kayla Pham (12th grade) 

Sophia Garcia (12th grade) 

Aleah Saunders (11th grade) 

Siena Harwood (11th grade) 

Sophia Avila (10th grade)