Principal's Message


As Principal of Oak Hills High School, Home of the Bulldogs, it is my honor to welcome you all back to Oak Hills, for another exciting year. We are returning from an exceptional 2018/19 and are looking forward to continuing the tradition of excellence in Academics, Activities and Athletics. After 10 years, we continue to experience a tremendous amount of student success, with 100% graduation rate, the highest college going rate (66%) in the county, award winning Drama, Band, ROTC, Cyber Patriot programs and the most Athletic team titles in the district. We continue to maintain and develop amazing school culture, providing an academic focus (evidence based writing) helping to improve student literacy and placing a priority on student safety and social emotional well-being.

Bulldogs, I have one piece of advice, GET INVOLVED! Oak Hills High School offers over 50 clubs, along with many other activities, including Band, Drama, Cheer, Robotics, ROTC, sports therapy and athletics. We have something for everyone. At Oak Hills High School, we challenge students to stretch your academic potential. During the last 10 years we have established a culture of success as well as a large community, enthusiastically supporting BULLDOG PRIDE!!! Though we have been on an incredible roll, we believe, the best is yet to come in 2019/2020. Let’s continue to make history at Oak Hills High School!

We would like to extend a special welcome to our incoming Freshman class, the class of 2023! Please take time to read the student policies and procedures provided on our website.

Welcome to Oak Hills High School, It’s a Great Day to be a Bulldog”

Mr. Michael Capps, Principal

Welcome to Oak Hills, and Go Bulldogs!